Adam Foret (1988, Thibodeaux, Louisiana) is an emerging photographer currently living and working in Houston, Texas.

His work is a reflection of his own consciousness, blending the methodical with the creative to produce stunning works ranging from majestic cityscapes to more abstracted close ups.  Through the application of abstraction, Foret explores movement to reveal an inherent timelessness in his works, capturing and preserving fleeting moments that often go unseen.

His latest light series isolates the movements of objects. By doing so, repetitive and mesmerizing sequences are created which reveal an intrinsic relationship between motion and light.  His photos often do not reference recognizable form, resulting in images that are deconstructed to the point that the viewer’s own interpretation becomes as complex as the compositions themselves. Foret uses light to transcribe the movements of his urban landscape, creating intensity through his manipulation of negative space. It is not what is seen, but what is left unseen that draws in the viewer.